FSG Airless-Paint Sprayer 6.5 litres/min

With piston pump and pressure regulation

Also best suited for spray filler

FSG Airless-Paint Sprayer 6.5 litres/min



Maximum delivery pressure 227 bar


Maximum flow rate 6.5 litres/min


Maximum nozzle size 0,041“


Voltage 220-250 V ~ 50/60 Hz


Power 4 kW


Weight 58 kg


LED display with automatic pressure control for an even spray pattern





The FSG airless paint sprayer with a piston pump.

Developed for professional  use, whether for new construction or
large to medium renovation and contract work.

The high delivery rate, even when using highly viscous or filled coating materials, guarantees an optimal
technical as well as economic result. Thanks to the sophisticated technology and high-quality


workmanship, the FSG airless paint spraying unit works extremely reliably and has a long service life.
All components can be unscrewed in a few easy steps and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The powerful piston pump achieves a delivery rate of up to 6.5 litres/min and can therefore easily cope with longer hoses or larger nozzles up to 0.041"  (~1.04 mm).

Side view FSG Airless-Paint Sprayer 6.5 litres/min



  • Primer, undercoat, basecoat, filler
  • Rust protection paint
  • Dispersion and latex paint
  • Facade paint
  • Silicate paint
  • Lime paint
  • Fire protection coating
  • Roof coating
  • Wood preservative
  • Oils
  • Mordants
  • Disinfectant
  • Airless spray filler (sprayable, premixed fillers and similar high-viscosity
    coating materials according to manufacturer's specifications).


Standard Equipment
Two high pressure hoses
Hose whip
Double nipple / adapter



... and much more.

Standardised connections compatible with commercially available accessories

Accessories for FSG Airless-Paint Sprayer 6.5 litres/min  


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